All Saints’ is a beautiful church where you can mark life’s great events in the presence of God, your friends and family.

Baptisms and Thanksgivings

BabyBaptismWe welcome families who wish to bring their children to be baptised. A first step would be to attend a church service and introduce yourself, or to contact the Vicar directly (see below).

We will help you to understand what baptism means. In it you make a commitment to Christ and to the nurture of your child in the Christian faith. As a church we promise to provide for your child to grow as part of the church.

If all you wish to do is to express your gratitude to God for the gift of a child then an alternative to baptism would be a service of Thanksgiving.

General information about baptism in the Church of England may be found here.


Wedding ringsIf you are planning to get married the best way to do so is in church in the presence of God. To say your vows “in the sight of God” concentrates the mind on the seriousness of the commitment and expresses your need for the strength and help of God in your marriage.

You can be married in our church if you have some kind of connection with All Saints’. For example:
+ You live in the parish
+ You come along to church regularly
+ You were christened or confirmed in the church
+ Your parents or grandparents come to church, or were married there

All Saints’ is a beautiful place to hold your wedding, take a look for yourselves. It’s now even easier to organise your wedding service in church.

We believe in a loving and forgiving God and so divorce is not barrier to being married in Church. If either of you have been divorced it’s important to discuss this with the Vicar, as an opportunity to learn from the past and to move on.

Contact the Vicar (see below) as a first step in your wedding plans. For general information on marriage in the Church of England look here.

If you would like to arrange a baptism or wedding, please use this contact form:


casket with flowers

When a loved one dies we are in a state of shock and bewilderment. The Funeral Director arrives to make the funeral arrangements and will ask you if you would like to go into church for the service or go straight to the Crematorium. You need to tell the Funeral Director you would like a priest/minister to take the service and if you would like the service to take place in church.

The funeral would be a service of thanksgiving with a personal tribute to the person’s life. Time pressures are inevitable at the Crematorium but All Saints’ Church can offer the time and space you might like. Obviously I hope we never need to meet under sad circumstances, but if we did, I want you to know that your church cares very much and wants to support and comfort you.