The Guild of Health and St Raphael

Guild of Health and St RaphaelThe Guild of Health and St Raphael exists to draw attention to Christ’s ministry of healing, which is healing in its widest sense. As an association of ordinary Christian people, the Guild and its members cannot “wave a magic wand” to bring about symptomatic relief. But what we can do is to pray for Our Lord’s gift of wholeness and healing on behalf of those who need it.

All Saints’ church has its own group, which meets monthly on the second Thursday at We also hold regular healing services.



CursilloAnglican Cursillo is a way for Christians to grow through prayer, study and action and be enabled to share God’s love with everyone.  Members of the church are encouraged to take part in a Cursillo weekend, and then to join a local fellowship group to continue to explore the heart of the Christian faith while supporting each other.  

Find out more about the Cursillo Movement.   Alternatively, you can talk to members of the congregation who have taken part in a weekend and regularly meet.